Work packages

StrongGravity project is technically organized into several work packages that help to manage the whole project workflow and coordinate work between connected tasks.

The work package structure of the project is the following:

WP1: Management

Management work package provides a structured scheme for a non-technical management of all project's activities to guarantee successful coordination and cooperation among all partners. Management will oversees and drives the knowledge management and communication through a dedicated project internal website.

WP2: Reflection from black-hole accretion discs – tools

Objectives are to develop new tools for modelling reflection from neutral and ionized black-hole accretion discs.

WP3: Black-hole spin measurements via reflection – AGN

Objectives are to exploit the X-ray data archives to measure the spin of the super-massive black holes in AGN.

WP4: Comptonization models: spectra and polarization

Objectives are to develop a new tool for modelling Comptonization processes in a corona.

WP5: The influence of the warm absorber on relativistic line profile

Objectives are to model outflowing winds, estimate their properties and implement models to XPEC fitting package.

WP6: Soft X-ray lags in AGN - theoretical modeling

Objectives are to develop theoretical models for the interpretation of the recently detected soft X-ray lags in AGN in terms both the frequency and the energy dependence of the lags.

WP7: Soft X-ray lags in AGN: data exploitation

Objectives are to exploit the X-ray data archives to characterize observationally the properties of the recently detected soft X-ray lags in individual AGN and, by a suitable stacking procedure, in the AGN population at large.

WP8: Polarization signatures of Sgr A* flare emission

Objectives are to develop a tool for modelling of Sgr A* X-ray and IR flares through their polarization signal and its time evolution in various geometries.

WP9: Modelling the variable emission of Sgr A*

Objectives are to exploit the data archive of NIR polarized light curves of Sgr A*, its variability at different wavelengths and to model them with the theoretically calculated scenarios of the optically thin emission with the aim of constraining physical parameters of the emitting region. 

WP10: Modelling thermal X-ray continuum of accretion discs.

Objectives are to accurately model thermal spectra of black-hole accretion discs in soft state over a range of luminosities.

WP11: X-ray reprocessing in the vicinity of black holes

Objectives are to develop a publicly available analysis tool for the X-ray spectrum and polarization emerging for different properties of the hot corona in galactic black hole binary system.

WP12: Black-hole spin measurements – galactic black holes

Objectives are to exploit the X-ray data archives to measure the spin of the galactic black holes.

WP13: Fourier resolved spectroscopy for QPO

Objectives are to develop tools to analyse QPOs phenomena in black-hole systems.

WP14: Public outreach

Objectives are to disseminate the project results to wider scientific community and to general public.

WP15: Research Management

Objectives are to provide a structured scheme for the coordination of all project's research activities, to handle networking, endorsement and relations with external relevant research groups and organizations and communication with the advisory board, and to secure the implementation of all project tasks as well as the production of all project deliverables and milestones according to the project schedule.