Models & Data

We continuously make the results of StrongGravity project (namely models and associated data) freely accessible for the benefit of the astronomical community. Most of the projects are published in a form of a git repository, some have their own web pages.


At the moment, the following projects have been published:


Non-axisymmetric version of several KY general relativistic XSPEC spectral models.


XSPEC models for X-ray reverberation modelling in AGN.


XSPEC model for thermal spectra of slim disks around stellar mass black holes.


Spectral model of spectra of self-irradiated accretion disks.


XSPEC model for thermal spectra of slim disks around stellar mass black holes in super-Eddington regime.


Monte Carlo radiative transfer code for modeling multi-wavelength polarization that is designed to model astrophysical objects of various geometries and considers polarization induced by electron and dust scattering.


Polarized lightcurves for a toy model of magnetized spot orbiting a black hole.

LFQPO comptonization

A numerical code for computing Compton scattered X-ray time-dependent spectra arising from a hot inner flow which undergoes Lense-Thirring precession.


XSPEC model for transmitting spectra through a constant pressure warm absorbing material layer.


 Monte Carlo code for Comptonization in Astrophysics


Polarizied NIR/X-ray emission modellig from orbitting blobs. (Not yet ready).